Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanks Sue

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sue!! I've told you all before about my friend Sue, owner of Giant Dwarf Design. She's the tall, thin, beautiful, talented friend of mine. I'm sure you have one of these friends too. You want to hate her because she's got it going on but you can't because she's also the greatest friend. Well, as if running her own business and sewing her bunny tail off isn't enough, she took time to make me a banner and avatar for my new Etsy shop. Check it out and see her handy work. Buy a bib while you're there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I know you know how to read

It's been raining for 3 days here. Something about the rain makes me want to soak in the tub and read a book. Well, almost everything makes me want to soak in the tub. I really could live in the bathroom. I'm catching up on all the soaking I missed in the last few years. See, my last apartment was a teeny tiny thing in Manhattan with a bathtub of 3' x 4'. Not great, especially when you're enormously pregnant. My place before that in North Carolina had an unusually shallow tub. So now that I have a big deep one I'm finally getting some quality bath time. Since I've already read the back of the shampoo bottle 16 times, I figured I could use a good book. My loving husband picked out this one for me:

The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck

I'm not sure what he's trying to say. Anyone want to read it with me. Come on, we can start our own book club. We don't need Oprah. You can get a copy anywhere. You really need to do this as this blog could use some intelligent content. And I'll let you pick the next one. Ok, going to take a bath now. I need a head start. I'm a slow reader.

This and That

Not too much going on right now. I've been working on some things to sell on Etsy so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets open.

A couple of updates:

1. I still don't have my living room the way I want it but it is getting better. I do have a new problem concerning furniture though. The building I live in is remodeling the lobby and they are replacing the chairs. I really, really want to buy these. They are great. I'm pretty sure they were purchased when the building was built in 1964. They have maple wood bases and lime green pleather seats and backs. But where in the hell am I going to put them?

2. The poop explosion post jinxed me. I wrote it too early. He pooped 3 more times that day. It's like he was in on it and trying to test my will too. I won though. I still refuse to use disposables. As a matter of fact, I just ordered 12 more. You can get them at Cotton Babies is you are interested in getting your own. I highly recommend it.

3. Lane can now stand and that's all he wants to do all day. Yesterday I walked into the bedroom to find him sleeping standing up in his crib. He's nuts. We are still waiting for those teeth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poor Thing

This kid has no toys.


I have redeemed myself. Look at what a good mommy I am.

I made all this food for my dear little one. Fresh, organic veggies, made with love. What a lucky boy. Top that Martha!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've been tested

For those who don't know, I've been cloth diapering little Lane for a couple of months now. Not the old school diapers with pins and such but cool new ones that look like real diapers. See...

I have been a real advocate for these diapers. They will save you money and save our landfills. I felt guilty every time I threw out a disposable. You know those things take like a thousand years or something to break down. And they stink. And they're ugly. So, I've been pretty gung ho about cloth diapering. Well, my will was tested today. Lane had a blow out. There was poop everywhere. I was up to my elbows in poop. Oh, how I wanted to just chuck the whole diaper in the trash. Why, oh why must I have a conscious?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey Kate, Where Can I Score?

I've been watching John and Kate plus 8. Have you ever seen this show? It's about a couple who used some kind of fertility crap and had twins. That wasn't enough so they did it again and low and behold they had sextuplets. 8 frigging kids. Hooray for them. No way I could do it. Anyway, Kate makes me feel like such a failure. On top of caring for 8 little ones, she scrubs her kitchen floor, on her hands and knees, 3 TIMES A DAY!! I can't even do this once a week. And forget about hands and knees. And I only have one little one. And he's a good one. I need whatever it is this lady is on. So, I woke up yesterday determined to at least get the dust/cat hair balls that my poor little one crawls around on up today. I was on a mission. I'm proud to say, even though it took me the ENTIRE day, mission accomplished. I'm sure it won't get done again for another couple of weeks. For now I'm enjoying sock free life with no crap stuck to my feet. Aah, simple pleasures.

P.S. Please don't get your panties in a bunch over the fertility treatment comment. I am not against it. Go for it if you need it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

No, the bangs in my profile pic are not the result of the big bang incident. Those are good bangs from a couple of years ago. I told you you wouldn't see the current ones. They are getting better but I'm still in hiding.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Big Bang Incident

I must take a moment to thank my great friend Sue at Giant Dwarf Design. I have been looking at turning my love of sewing into a business adventure and she was gracious enough to let me sell some bibs I whipped up out of her space at the incredible Crafty Bastards craft festival in DC last weekend. I couldn't believe how successful it was. I would have been happy to sell one or two, get some feedback, and go from there. I sold almost all of them and I can't even begin to tell you how much Sue sold. She is amazing. Now I get to go shopping with my profits. I couldn't be a happier camper.

I have known Sue since we were only 3 years old. We grew up across the street from each other way down in the dirty south. We were more like sisters than friends. We have gone our separate ways in recent years but when we do get together, we don't miss a beat. It's like we saw each other the day before. She grew from my book smart, braid wearing best friend to a super talented and creative woman. I am amazed by the work she does and want to copy her every move. Which leads us to the big bang incident of Wednesday night. She came to town for the festival looking incredibly cute with her new bangs. This is sort of a joke for us. Since the 6th grade we have gone back and forth on the bang wearing subject. I convinced her to cut them with me and she never really forgave me for it. Although we looked super cute, in 6th grade bangs really make you look more like a 3rd grader. Not what you want. But at 30, anything to make you look younger and cuter is worth a try. Well, Sue, you got me back. After seeing her cuteness last weekend I decided to give bangs another chance. One problem. I'm way to cheap to go to a salon and have a professional earn her money. I went at it on my own. I cut them way too short and I now look like I should be on the short bus. Great. And don't think for a second anyone will see a picture of this. Not happening. I've gone into hiding for the next two weeks. Good thing I have a terrible cold right now. It's the perfect excuse for not leaving the house.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I Would Like to Thank..........

And the worst mommy of the year award goes!!!! That's right. I'm the worst. What, do you ask, entitles me to such a glorious award? Today's incident made me win by a landslide. Don't ask me how but baby boy found some cat poop today. Observant mother that I am, I caught him with it before it hit his mouth or else we would have been in real trouble. Not so bad you might say. That's not the end of it. I rushed him into the bathroom, propped him on the counter and held his hand under the faucet. He began to scream and wiggle at which point I more forcefully held the poop filled hand under the water. Then he did the silent scream. If you have kids you know the one I'm talking about. The one all parents dread. The scream that is so intense no sound comes out. Only then did I realize the hot water was turned all the way up and I was burning him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??????? I couldn't feel any worse. Thankfully, the hot water heater in this building sucks and he wasn't seriously hurt. The redness went away in a couple of minutes and so did the tears. The worst part is that I was getting mad at him for not sitting still while I de-pooped him. I'm sure I'll live with this one for a long time.

Off topic, I read a bulletin board for moms with babies the same age as mine (9 months) and one mom was very upset (upset enough for her to contact execs at Noggin) about what she perceives is subliminal messages in Jack's Big Music Show. She thinks the handle of a drawer in the background looks like a lit cigarette. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Let the game start and you can see it off to the left side. If she can make a drawer handle into a cigarette I believe she's smoking something a little stronger. I'm sure I ruffled her feathers by commenting that the flute looks like a bong. Who am I to say though. According to her we will have her to thank when we see changes in the show next season. I would like to thank her now for adding to the paranoia that leads to censorship overload. Thanks a million!!