Friday, November 16, 2007

Crash Course

So far this week I have learned:

1. LT does know the meaning of no and uses it on me often. See the following example.

Me: LT, we don't tear books. We look at them.


Then eats the page he just tore out of the book.

2. Although I pride myself on making some pretty cute bibs, my child refuses to wear one.

3. Tarps are better than rugs during feeding time.

4. A four cup coffee pot is too small.

5. Throwing a pillow at LT will not make him sleep longer. He gets up at 8am. Period.

6. Standing up in the bathtub is the cool thing to do to a 10 month old.

7. As much as I would like to be a bookworm, I do not have the time to read a book and probably won't until Lane goes to college. I should stick to reading the comics in the bathroom.

8. Despite being only 30" tall, LT will find a way to reach things on the top shelf.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

In the Name of the Father, the Son and My Sister is Nuts

I have to share something hilarious. My sister is 8 months pregnant. That's not the funny part. So, guess what she's craving? Communion. Yes, the Eucharist. She's nuts. Funny part is I'm sure she can't even remember the last time she went to church. I heard that a pregnant woman craves what her body really needs. Like if you want bananas you must need potassium. Does this mean she needs saving? I doubt it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Book

I'm about 50 pages deep into The Winter of Our Discontent. It's pretty good but a little slow to start. I really like this passage:

I sleep much less in time than Mary does. She says she needs a great deal of sleep and I agree that I need less but I am far from believing that. There is only so much energy stored in a body, augmented, of course, by foods. One can use it up quickly, the way some children gobble candy, or unwrap it slowly. There's always a little girl who saves part of her candy and so has it when the gobblers have long since finished. I think my Mary will live much longer than I. She will have saved some of her life for later. Come to think of it, most women live longer than men.

I think I like this passage so much because it reminds me of Ryan and I. He fights sleep and I welcome it. We have actually argued about the amount of sleep we get. He thinks 8-9 hours of sleep is much too much. I think 4 hours is not enough. I'll have to read this to him. I think it supports my argument. Hope you all are reading along. If not, I'll try to sum up the good parts here for you. So, stay tuned.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Does anyone else see a ghost in this picture? I took this on Halloween and to me it looks like Lane is looking right at a ghost. My sister says it's a cat hair. What does she know? I took about 5 pictures back to back and this is the only one that has it. It's really creeping me out. He looks a little creeped out too. He also looks damn cute in his Halloween shirt and socks.