Thursday, December 25, 2008

Embarrassing but True.

A new pregnancy symptom has shown it's ugly face. Once I get hungry, I'm STARVING and must eat immediately or all hell breaks loose. Last night, after putting together the train table we got for Lane for Christmas, hunger struck and I browsed the near empty shelves of my pantry for anything that looked appetizing. Then, out of the living room came the voice of an angel. "I'll go get McDonald's," he said. Before the words left his lips, I had his coat in my hands and I was shoving him out of the door. I jumped in the shower hoping that would occupy the time while he was gone.

As I'm drying off I hear the door open and my mouth starts watering. I try to avoid fast food, especially at 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve, but being pregnant does something to you. Hormones replace willpower. Then I see Ryan's scared face and empty hands. "They were closed," he said nervously. See, he's no fool. He remembers what it's like to be around me when I'm pregnant. It's really surprising he agreed to do it a second time. Trying desperately to control myself, I just said, "Well, it is Christmas Eve." Then I shut the bathroom door and cried.

I ended up having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a sad substitute.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I can't say I'm not impressed

I'm sure you've all seen Bush dodge the flying shoes by now. All jokes about our current pres. aside, I'm extremely impressed with his cat-like reflexes. At least one of those shoes would have hit me square in the face. And I'm not even a drunk.

Apparently I'm old

I've joined a new online mommy group. After having Lane, I discovered a group of supportive ladies with kids the same age as mine. I still check in with these gals every day and was hoping to find another group just as lovely to talk about this pregnancy with. Well, surprisingly, every group I found was filled with drama. Except one. Pregnant Moms OVER 30. Yep, I joined the old lady group. Some of the ladies were talking about how their medical charts at their OB were stamped "Advanced Maternal Age". Gasp!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I had my first bout of morning sickness this morning. It lasted all of 5 minutes but was enough to have me questioning my decision to do this all over again. I know it's all worth it but man, it's terrible while it's happening. Lane was banging on the bathroom door while I was dry heaving saying "Maaaa, Maaaaa!!" in his little munchkin voice. What a sweet boy.

The only other symptom I have is my super human sense of smell. Opening my pantry door and smelling all the spices knocks me back. I also keep thinking I smell fire. So now I have to add worry about the building burning down to my long list of things I'm already worried about. I'm worried about this unborn baby's health, about how Lane will adjust, if he will be mad at me, if we can afford this baby, where we will move, if we can sell our house in North Carolina, if I will be able to manage two kids with no sleep, if I will be able to breastfeed, if I will gain too much weight, if my blood pressure will go up again, blah, blah, blah.....

Sorry about the somber tone of this post. I'm blaming hormones.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I passed up 15 seconds of fame today

All because I had dirty hair. I rushed out of the door this morning, unshowered, in order to get to the post office before the lunch time rush. Today is supposedly the busiest shipping day of the year and I was determined to avoid the long line I had to endure last year. Proud of myself for even getting out of the door before lunch time, I loaded up the stroller with boxes and cards to be mailed and of course Lane. I walked the half mile to the post office, stood sweating in the relatively short line (yes, I sweat even in 50 degree weather) and mailed my packages. I turn around to see a local news channel camera in my face wanting to ask me a few questions. Embarrassed, I declined because all I could think about was my dirty hair and sweaty face. Talk about a lesson in hygiene.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been busy. Really, really busy.

This is my official apology for neglecting you. But I have a reason. A good one....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've missed you guys

I know I've been gone a while but I'm back and we need to catch up. I've really missed you invisible internet people.

My little guy is getting so big. He's a real kid now, talking and having opinions and all. It's amazing and frustrating at the same time. He's slowly entering terrible toddlerhood. He's a very easy going guy but when he wants something, he MUST have it. He's also quite quirky. He's in love with Thomas the train and pretty much all things motorized. He screams "toot" when he sees a bus, which is every 30 seconds around here. I live on a main street in DC so lucky for him buses make regular appearances. I see so much of myself in him it's scary. Who knew I'd make such a pretty boy?

I'm still not pregnant. We've been at it for 6 months and I'm starting to lose hope. Six months was my cut off before I made that dreaded appointment with my OB to talk about "options". Ugh. I'm scared of those options.

Oh, and now for the best news. I've made a discovery. Shapewear. It's like a bra for your jelly belly (or whichever body part needs holstering) and I don't know how I've lived so long without it. I would have let myself go long before now had I only known about shapewear.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The way it was

All of my family is in the New Orleans area. I don't have to tell you what that city has gone through lately. Now Gustav looks to be heading their way and the city is once again in an uproar.

Maw Maw called me yesterday. Some of my family members have already booked hotel rooms outside of the city and she was worried about where she would go. "Robin, we never used to run every time a storm was coming." she said. "We just got a lot of canned goods."

This is so true. I grew up in New Orleans and have seen my share of hurricanes. In the 25 years I lived there, we never left the city because of a storm. Katrina really did a number on the people in that city. In pre-Katrina days, instead of fear, we felt excitement. Schools were closed, grocery stores shelves quickly emptied. We stocked up on booze and food and above all, we had fun. Yes, fun.

As soon as the rain settled and the streets were nice and flooded is when the real party began. People would gather outside, some surveying their house for damage, some trading stories. Once the dust settled, everyone was outside PLAYING in the water. The kids would ride their bikes and float on rafts. At least one neighbor would pull out his pirouge, seizing the chance to finally use the little boat. Streets became giant public pools. The only warning our parents gave us was to stay away from the snakes. Good advice. Don't worry about the feces you're swimming in, just stay away from the snakes. Oh, and floating red anthills. It's truly amazing that not one of us sprouted a third eye.

Now I just feel sorry for the residents of New Orleans. All the excitement has been replaced by fear and as much as I'm rooting for them, I just don't think it will ever be the same. I think Fay claimed 12 lives in Florida last week. 1800 died in New Orleans alone when Katrina hit. It's really hard to fathom that sometimes.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This picture cracks me up.

Lane seeing himself after finger painting for the first time.

And here is the beautiful art he created.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I really did it this time

Is my kid the only one who finds it necessary to take EVERY SINGLE toy he has out EVERY SINGLE day? He's at the point now that he doesn't even play with them. He pulls out a toy, examines it, throws it to the middle of the room, repeats. It's like he's taking inventory. From the hours of 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, my living room looks like I run a daycare. I'm talking kick toys out of the way to get out the front door mess. I'm pretty embarrassed by this and as a result, no one is ever invited over. When a package is delivered, I open the door a crack and quickly snatch the package in fear that the delivery person will see the disaster I'm living in. It's sad really.

The mess has now become dangerous. I'm not known for gracefulness but yesterday really took the cake. In my effort to save Lane from plummeting off a chair, head first, I dislocated my toe tripping over a damn toy. Today I'm limping around like an old man. If that wasn't my lesson in keeping things tidy around here, I don't know what is.

So tell me, perfect moms, how do you get your kid to pick up his mess?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm on a bargain high. Today was Beautiful. Yep, with a capital B. I had no destination but had to get out so Lane and I just started walking. We came across a garage sale. Oh, the joy! I picked this up for $10.

A Kinderkram fire truck in perfect condition. It was thrown in with a bunch of junk toys and it almost leaped out of the pile when it saw me. It still had the $100 price tag on the bottom. The nice lady also threw in a potty time Elmo book and a Thomas the train toy. Good for Lane 'cause he ain't playing with this.

I also scavenged this from the trash room of our building.

It's the perfect size for my tiny apartment and I love the clean lines of the mid century modern look. Now if someone would just throw out a dining table I'd be set.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm it!

Lucky me. I've been tagged by If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another! and windycityvegan. Just when I thought everyone forgot about little old Bitty Bird.

7 things about me, numbered, which is almost as good as bulleted:

1. I'm trying to get knocked up. I'm on month 3. While I'm generally a patient person, this is taking way to long.

2. I'm addicted to the babycenter message boards. As soon as I sit down at the computer I have to check them. I literally can't stop myself. Sometimes I wind up there without even remembering clicking on it. I told you, I'm truly an addict. I hate myself for this.

3. I won MVP of my 8th grade soft ball team. I'm the most athletically challenged person I know. That's how pathetic our team was.

4. I almost lost Lane is a labyrinth because I'm afraid of bees. He walked right through a mob of them and I froze. Before I knew it he took off and I was still there, frozen. I don't know where this fear comes from since I've never been stung by one.

5. I was in 6 car accidents in 6 years. None of them were my fault. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

6. I'm pretty sure I have psychic abilities. Sometimes I'll think of someone I haven't seen in years then I'll run into them the next day.

7. I auditioned to play Susan Sarandon as a teen in Dead Man Walking. I made it to the final 6 but didn't make the final cut. I got to meet her and Tim Robbins. He's tall.

Now the hard part. 7 bloggers I'm tagging:

1. Chickens and Hens

2. Tiffany

3. Winter Wonders

4. The Toby Show

5. Is This What You Do All Day?

6. Pillows vs. Pincushions - please start posting again. I miss you.

7. DemandaBanana - start a blog. I know you have some funny shit to say.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You mean you've been gone this long and you come back to talk about chickens?

Hello, friends. It's been a while hasn't it? I wish I could come back after all this time with something exciting to say but nope, not much has happened lately. That would explain my absence. Nothing to write about.

Passport to DC aired but they only talked about the drinks at Hudson. Nothing about Ryan or his wonderful food. It is sure to bring some business through the doors though. It's also restaurant week and they are insanely busy so I am a single parent for the time being.

We went to the Montgomery County Fair this weekend. I love animals but was conflicted. I hate to see them in cages. Couldn't have affected me too much though since I ate a big ol' hamburger right after.

Did you know there are like a million types of chickens? If you're anything like me, you think of this when you think of a chicken.

Well, just look at all these chickens. I got quite obsessed and had to take pictures of them all . They're so pretty.

This guy was by far my favorite. He was posing for pictures.

I was also shocked by these KKK sheep. I'm sure there was a reason for the hoods and robes but I couldn't help but think farmers are being insensitive. I mean, do they have to be white?

Why couldn't they have more fashionable attire like this guy? He definitely was the best dressed one of the bunch with his mock turtle neck. He knew it too.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Once Upon a Time, There Were Three Girls From the Westbank.....

I have two of the very best friends a gal could ask for. What makes them so special? Quite a few things and for that they deserve a bulleted post, my favorite type of post.

-No matter how long we go without talking or seeing each other we easily slide right back into place. Just like pieces of a puzzle, we always fit.

-They know more about me than some of my very own family members. And they better keep their mouths shut.

-They remind me of who I am. Sometimes I forget.

-They are two of the most beautiful women in the world and they don't even know it, making them even more beautiful.

-Being friends with them is effortless.

I had a nice day, ladies. Hope to see you both again in September.

Monday, June 30, 2008


-I used disposable diapers while on vacation and have yet to go back to cloth since I've been home. I'm dreading washing those stinkin' things.

-I bought a bottle of Lysol kitchen cleaner and I think my kitchen is cleaner than it's been in months.

-I use the TV to babysit my kid.

-I've been taking naps with Lane.

I feel much better now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Vacation Post

I've been going over in my head just how this post should be organized but since nothing about my trip down south could be called organized it's fitting that this be a random mess of a post. Bare with me. I'm still recovering from all the mayhem.

First of all, let me get this out of the way. Lane is awesome. He was so good on the plane and in the million hour car ride to and from Houston that at times I forgot he was with me. I also want to apologize in advance to my family. Some things may be said that you would rather not be publicized but it's all in the name of entertainment. Get over it.

Some highlights from our trip:

-A long standing family feud, one so bad it actually involved one family member throwing underwear at another, has been put to rest.

-The funniest thing I've ever heard: Maw Maw (age 81) and her sister (age 79) went to a party where they struck up a conversation with a new friend. Maw Maw's sister asked how old do you think I am? Even at almost 80, looks are extremely important to my dear aunt. The lady replied, "About 72.". My aunt ate it up. Can you imagine being flattered that someone thinks you're 72? We'll all be there one day, ladies.

-My grandma's favorite saying "If God says the same." For example, "We'll make this trip again if God says the same.", "If God says the same, I'll be able to see their faces again." God sure had a lot to say on this trip.

-You could not pay me enough to go back to the Galleria. After lugging my 30 pound baby plus my 15 pound diaper bag around the entire Galleria TWICE trying to find a place to rent a stroller only to find one who demanded a $60 deposit, I have had my fill of the place. Never again!!! That journey ended in me saying, "I'm going to the car. Find an exit and I'll pick you up when you're ready!". Oh, fun times.

-After staying in a hotel room with 3 babies and one 81 year old, I know why investigative reports always find urine and feces throughout the rooms. We definitely left our share.

-My high school friend was beautiful at her wedding. She looks exactly the same, in a good way.

-I am a control freak.

-My mother's new nickname is "The Stealth Cleaner". You turn around for one second and the whole place is clean, mopped and all. She has yet to share the secret of how she does this with me.

-My poor baby suffered a few injuries on this trip including ripping his knee open on a carpet tack strip and running head first into the corner of a table. I also looked up from shopping to find him drinking a cup of coffee he found on a shelf in Walmart. That one made me throw up a little.

-My three year old niece's favorite word is "Why?". I swear I heard this 2,458 times while I was there. Now that I'm home, I sort of miss it.

-Upon returning home I realized that men and women do not mean the same thing when they say "I cleaned up". Let's just say some things had to be thrown away and some things will never smell the same.

I'm Back!!

Boy, I missed you guys! I have lots to talk about but for now I'm just announcing my return. Stay tuned for vacation details. There's so much to talk about that I have to wait for the little one to take a nap to write it all out. See you soon.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

See ya!

I know I haven't been around too much lately but life is not handing me much to talk about. Fortunately, I'm heading down south to visit the family so I'm sure I'll come back with a story or two to share. My family is a constant flow of humor and insanity. We are the definition of dysfunction.

Maw Maw being the ring leader of the gang. Seven of us, including 3 kids under 3, are loading up in a van and driving 6 hours from New Orleans to Houston. Take this as a warning to stay far away from I-10. Maw Maw called me the other day extremely concerned that there would be no refrigerator in the hotel room we are staying in. I answer the phone to hear her mid-sentence "The babies need cereal in the morning! Robin, do they have a refrigerator? We need to at least have cereal."

So, wish me luck on my trip down there. Ryan is smart enough to stay home so I'm trekking alone with Lane. I'm beginning to panic. I've flown many times with him and each time gets harder and harder. That kid is strong and heavy and a professional wiggler. He's also been practicing his temper tantrums, waiting for the perfect audience to perform his show. I'm praying there is an extra seat on the plane I can park him in and strap him down. Of course I didn't buy him his own ticket. We've discussed this before - I'm cheap.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A bunch of words about nothing really

I have nothing to write about today. I guess I'll just start and see what comes out. Sometimes I surprise myself.

We went to a playground we've only been to a couple of times yesterday. It was packed. I felt like I was the only one supervising my kid. Lane had a great time exploring all the new toys. I was able to sit on a bench and watch him from afar and it made me want to cry. He's getting so big and really doesn't need me following him around anymore. I did notice every couple of minutes he would look up from playing to see if I was still sitting there. I guess he does need me a little.

I still haven't heard from pampers. I know I should drop it but I'm way too stubborn. I feel like all these big corporations get to do whatever the hell they want and walk all over their customers. It really pisses me off.

Speaking of pissed off, I have a list of companies that I will never do business with for various reasons. I guess I'll share.

1. AT&T. I had an account with them years ago. When I moved it was out of state so I couldn't just transfer my service. I needed to get a whole new account. My old account had a 25 cent credit on it. They wouldn't credit it to my new account and since it was such a small amount they wouldn't send me a check for it. So every month I would get a statement showing this 25 cent credit. What a waste of paper and postage. I guess they lost track of me eventually because the statements finally stopped coming.

2. Verizon. When I lived in NYC I worked across the street from a Verizon office. Without fail, every single Verizon truck always had a parking ticket on it. Many times I saw the driver just take the ticket off and throw it on the ground. You know they never paid them and I'm sure if they did they passed the bill on to their customers in some way. So irresponsible.

3. Traveler's Insurance. I was in a horrible accident 9 years ago. I was rear ended and got whiplash and 2 herniated disks in my neck. Every year the pain gets worse and worse. The driver of the car that hit me had Traveler's. I was negotiating with them for a settlement and in the middle of it they sent me a letter from their lawyers saying that the statute of limitations for a settlement had passed and they would no longer negotiate with me. So I didn't get a cent from them except for the ER visit. I'm now stuck with paying for any doctor's bills I've incurred due to the accident.

4. American Express. I opened a new card with them and transfered a balance from another card to get 0% interest that they were offering. They said they never received my very first payment and raised my interest rate to 27%. Funny how I mailed a stack of other bills with that one and it was the only one lost in the mail.

5. Exxon. My car was leaking oil and I took it to Exxon to see what the problem was. They said the car obviously hit something and I had a cracked oil pan and it would cost $650 to replace. I filed a claim with my insurance company and asked Exxon if they would deal with the insurance company. They said they would but insurance companies never pay the full amount and they would have to bill me for the rest. Yeah, right. I took it somewhere else. In the end I actually had a cracked oil pan, cracked transmission pan and a broken bolt on the engine. All this costs $800 to fix. I find it hard to believe that all that was only $150 more than just the oil pan. No wonder they just reported a $40 billion profit. Easy to do when you're riping people off.

I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting now but this post is getting too long. That's one thing I hate about reading other people's blogs. They get too wordy.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Today at the playground I saw a mom wearing these sandals in black. No wonder I don't fit in with anyone around here. I honestly feel a deeper connection with the nannies these moms have following them around than the moms themselves.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Learn from my mistake.

ALWAYS have a back up of the pictures you have stored on your computer. If not, you will lose them all and sit in front of your computer for hours crying while searching through every file on the damn machine for the missing pictures. Then you will pray that your husband is smarter than you and can find them. And you will say over and over to yourself "I knew this would happen. I just knew it!". Then you will have to ask everyone you ever emailed pictures to if they happen to have saved them because you are a moron and lost them all. Then you will kick yourself for being lazy and only printing out the pictures of your baby from birth to 5 months. Then the rest of your life you will have to explain to your lovely son the reason no pictures exist of him from 6 months to 16 months. Then he will come up with a theory that he was adopted and you will have to break out the gory videos of his birth and possibly have to take a blood test to prove that he is indeed your biological child. Save yourselves this trouble and have a back up of all your pictures!

I never wanted it to come to this.

I was giving them the benefit of the doubt but this is now getting ridiculous. Pampers, you have dug your own hole. I was keeping all this nonsense to myself but I have no choice but to publicly out you now.

As you all know, I use cloth diapers. Well, in a moment of insanity, I purchased a pack of Pampers Baby Dry diapers. Immediately after using them, LT got a horrible rash. This was not a diaper rash. It was where the diaper met his leg and looked more like spider bites. I didn't think much of it. It took 2 weeks to go away but really just blamed myself because I know how crappy disposable diapers are and I went ahead and used them anyway. It wasn't until I heard other mommies on the BBC boards talking about the exact same thing that I thought I should contact Pampers about the issue. I wasn't out for a refund or trying to gain anything from it. I just thought they should know that babies were getting horrible rashes from their product and there may be something wrong with them.

I don't have a copy of my original email to them since I contacted them through their website but the the gist of it was I purchased your diapers, my son got a horrible rash that wasn't a diaper rash. I've heard others complain about the same issue and thought you should know. I use your wipes all the time but since this incident, I will discontinue use.

Below is the correspondence I've had with them since the original email:

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 18:59:16 -0400
> From:
> To: r-*****
> Subject: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]
> Thanks for contacting us.
> I'm sorry about your child's recent experience.
> Our diapers are thoroughly evaluated to make sure they're safe for a baby's sensitive skin. In fact, they're hypoallergenic.
> Some factors that can contribute to the onset of diaper rash are diet, diarrhea, teething, the use of antibiotics, and upset stomach. Taking all of these things into consideration, it's hard to pinpoint the cause of your child's skin irritation. If your baby's condition doesn't improve, you may want to speak with your pediatrician.
> We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention, and I'm forwarding your report to our Health & Safety Group.
> Since the amount of help I can offer via email is limited, I'd like to follow up with you via postal mail. Please respond to this email with your mailing address.
> Thanks again for getting in touch.
> P&G Team
> [---001:000716:09056---]
RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ******* (r-******
Sent: Fri 4/11/08 12:25 PM
To: P&G Consumer Relations (

While I appreciate your quick response to my situation and am aware that your strategy is to divert blame, I am confident that my child's skin irritation IS from your diapers and IS NOT diaper rash. I do hope your Health and Safety group is made aware of the issue, as the more I talk about it with friends and family, the more I hear of similar situations. I am disappointed that I will no longer be using your brand, as it has served me well in the past but I hope you understand that my child's well being is my number one priority.


Robin ******
Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: P&G Consumer Relations (

Sent: Fri 4/11/08 1:31 PM
Reply-to: P&G Consumer Relations (
To: r-******

Thanks for writing.

We are sharing your concerns with our
Health and Safety Department.
However, if you would like reimbursement
for your package of diapers, please let
us know.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Pampers Team

RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ****** (r-******
Sent: Sun 4/13/08 8:48 AM
To: P&G Consumer Relations (

Thanks, I would like reimbursement. I payed $8.99 for the diapers. ($10.49 - $1.50 coupon). I no longer have the receipt.

Robin ******
RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ****** (r-******
Sent: Sun 5/11/08 10:49 AM
To: P&G Consumer Relations (

I'm writing to follow up on my reimbursement. It has been 4 weeks and no reply or reimbursement has been received. I replied to this message on 4/12 with my information.

Robin ******
Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: P&G Consumer Relations (
Sent: Sun 5/11/08 5:43 PM
Reply-to: P&G Consumer Relations (
To: r-******

Thanks for contacting us back.

I"m sorry, but we didn't receive your
information. Please contact us back
with the price you paid so we can
reimburse you.

Sorry for the delay.

Pampers Team
RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ****** (r-*******
Sent: Sun 5/11/08 6:09 PM
To: P&G Consumer Relations (

I paid $8.99.

Robin ******
RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ****** (r-******
Sent: Thu 5/22/08 3:06 PM

I received a letter thanking me for contacting P&G and a $2 off Metamucil coupon. Is this supposed to be my reimbursement?

Robin ******
Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: P&G Consumer Relations (
Sent: Thu 5/22/08 4:13 PM
Reply-to: P&G Consumer Relations (
To: r-******

Dear Ms. ******,

I'm sorry you didn't receive your check.
I'm looking into this immediately,
and will get back in touch with you once
I find out what happened with your refund check.

Thanks for getting in touch,
Kelly K.
Pampers Team

RE: Thanks for contacting P&G [Incident: 080410-003091]‏
From: robin ****** (r-******
Sent: Thu 5/29/08 9:02 AM
To: P&G Consumer Relations (

Any word on my refund?

Robin ******


I haven't heard back from them. Should I stop wasting my time? I really don't care about the money. It's about the principal of the matter now. I didn't ask for a refund. They offered it. I just think they should follow through on what they promised. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Passport to Ryan

Guess who was in the Hudson the other day? Samantha Brown from Passport on the Travel Channel. She was filming a show about DC and was there to talk to the mixologist , John Hogan.

Ryan served them this dish he calls PB&J which is foie gras and peanut butter mousse with ginger and plum jam. They loved it and filmed it and took pictures of it. So be on the look out for this episode. I have no idea when it will air or even if any of it will make the cut but it's all very exciting anyway.

I'm pretty sure he has a crush on Samantha Brown now. I don't blame him. She's cute.

While we're talking about celebrities Ryan gets to meet, Buzz Aldrin of moon landing fame was also there other night.

Yeah, and the highlight of my week was going to the gyno.

(Sorry about the fois gras Windy City Vegan. I know how you feel about it. Don't let this reflect upon me. I don't eat that shit because well, it's nasty. I learned a lot from your post by the way. Now I can say I don't eat it because of the treatment of the animals. Doesn't that sound more mature of me?)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Find the cat...

Hidden in this pile of laundry. The winner gets to come over and fold it for me! I'll even sit on the bed and keep you company and tell you where to put it. And yes, those are my underwear on the top of the pile. Stop looking at them and look for the cat. I promise there's one in there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A conversation with my husband

Me: You know my sister is still trying to get rid of that cat. They wouldn't take her at the local shelter since they live outside the city limits. She's thinking about taking her to the one in New Orleans.

Ryan: Don't they have enough problems down there?

Me: Yeah, you're right. One more cat just might break them.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Per your request

A picture of my new haircut. Pretty cute, huh? Please ignore my oily face. I'm calling it my dewy summer look.

Just a little background: I've always had long hair. Sometimes super long, sometimes kinda long. I've attempted to cut it short twice before. Once I had Ryan do it (I know, nuts). Once I just walked into a random salon on a whim. Both times were an utter nightmare. The last time I was so scarred I didn't cut if for a whole 14 months. It was so nasty by then I had no choice but to cut it off again. I have to say, I love it this time. I finally found a stylist who knows what the she's doing. I know some of y'all were dying to see what the hell I look like anyway. I hate reading blogs and not having a face to put with it. You all should feel pretty special too. I've been wary about posting pictures online. Since hardly any of you leave comments I'm not sure who I'm exposing myself to. Now, leave a comment to introduce yourself.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I thought I was clever

And could sneak turkey meatballs past Ryan. He spotted them as soon as he walked into the kitchen. He's a "real meat" man. I also got a "What the hell is that for?" when he saw the tofu in the fridge. Don't get me wrong, I like beef. I'm just trying to take baby steps in a healthier direction. Tonight I'm trying to sneak turkey pepperoni onto our homemade pizzas. I think I'll get him this time.

Why is it?

That when you try on clothes in the store's fitting room you look thin and beautiful and when you get home you look like your fat ass self again? Am I the only one this happens to? I can't tell you how many times I've bought clothes only to get home and question what the hell I was thinking. This is why my wardrobe sucks. I used to have the best clothes. I looked cute, I felt good. Now, my closet is stocked with stupid plain t shirts and jeans. Puke. I think I'm going shopping with my Bush bucks when LT wakes up. It is, after all, my civic duty to put that money back into the economy right? Wish me luck. Not only with finding nice clothes but with shopping with a toddler.

Tub Time

LT has been pretty bored with his bathtub toys so I went looking for something new. I really wanted to get him some bathtub paint, mainly because I thought I would have fun with it too. Do you know how expensive that shit is? Being the craftster and the cheapo that I am, I knew I could make it myself. I remember seeing this project somewhere months ago but didn't remember the recipe so I came up with my own. I mixed liquid soap with flour until it was the right consistency then poured it into an ice cube tray. Luckily I had one with a lid which never really worked that well for ice. Next, I added food coloring to each cube and mixed it with a toothpick. It was fun experimenting with colors. This would be a great lesson on which colors mix to make other colors for older kids too. The only problem is I only had wheat flour so the colors came out a bit muddy. I think next time I'll try white flour or cornstarch.

There's an added benefit to this too. It's soap so when you wash it off, it cleans your tub. Who doesn't like a clean tub? Note: If your kid has sensitive skin you might want to use baby wash as the base. Also, be careful, this can make the tub pretty slick. It is soap after all.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Official. I've Gone International.

That's right. Canadian readers! You know, my New Orleans accent often gets mistaken for a Canadian one. I've been asked numerous times what part of Canada I'm from. It's the way I say "house" that gets people. And in a way they're right. My family migrated from France to Canada and then down to the Big Easy. That Canadian blood must be pretty thick to be showing up in little old me 150 years later. Welcome, new readers, to my tiny corner of the internet. Make yourself at home. Anything goes here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is is really so wrong to leave story time at the library early so you don't miss breakfast at McDonald's? Something has to give here. Either the library needs to start story time later or McDonald's needs to serve breakfast all day. I should have a talk with them. I wonder who will be more easily persuaded to see my side of things. I'm thinking the library. I envision the conversation going something like this:

Me: Look, this story time thing is interfering with my nutritional requirements. You're making me choose between the social and educational development of my child and my need for the salty, fatty goodness of the golden arches. We need to move things around.

Librarian: Oh, yes of course, crazy lady. Anything for you and your book throwing, non sitting still, bully kid! While we're at it, why don't we just come to your house for story time. That way you don't even need to get dressed.

Me: I knew you'd understand.

I'm beginning to think McDonald's and the library are in cahoots. They schedule it this way just to run me out early. After all, LT has no interest in listening to stories. It always starts out ok. He sits still long enough to scan the room and calculate his plan. Then, without warning, he's across the library with someone's sippy cup in his hand and mountains of books on the floor along the way. Occasionally, there's an injured kid to show for it too.
Me: How do you like my new haircut?

Ryan: Looks good. The nerd thing is in.

Me: What? Now that's not nice.

Ryan: I'm sorry. You're right. The nerd thing really isn't in.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meet the Bitty Bird's

Made from paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Trust me, the resemblance to our family is striking. I definitely had more fun making them than LT had playing with them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

to all the moms reading this, especially my own.

Dear Mom,

I finally know. I get it. I always knew you loved me but I didn't understand the type of love it was. Not until I had LT did I realize. A whole new kind of love is created when you have a child. No one can explain it to you. You just have to experience it. Then a funny thing happens. You not only love your child with this new kind of love but you are now able to love your parents with it too. Someone needs to come up with a new name for it because love doesn't do it justice.

Thank you for being a super mom. You managed to do what I only hope I can do. You are not only a mom but a friend to both my sister and I. You pulled it off beautifully.

I love you,

P.S. Sorry about all the "fucks" in my blog lately. Sometimes the mood strikes me.

Friday, May 09, 2008

A few phrases...

I'm trying to bring back:

Gag me with a spoon

Word to your mother (or word up, whichever catches on first)



And a few I wish would go away already:

That's hot


Hot mess


Ode to TV

What the fuck is wrong with Tyra Banks? I really think she has a few screws loose. I love ANTM but only the competition/photo shoot part of it. Tyra really ruins the show. How does she keep getting work? And how does she manage to make EVERYTHING about her. She's the biggest one upper I've ever seen.

As lame as it sounds, another show I really like is Wheel of Fortune. LT likes it too. I tell myself it's ok for him to watch because it's educational. It teaches him the alphabet. I think he likes the flashy, spinning wheel too. Oh, who am I kidding. I don't need an excuse to let him watch TV. It's always on in this house.

Remember the old school Wheel of Fortune, where the camera would pan around the studio and the winner would shop for prizes? For some reason they always had a ceramic dog. And remember when Vanna had to actually turn those letters? My, have times changed. I wonder if she got a pay cut because her job got easier.

Ryan is great at Jeopardy. He knows every damn answer. Makes me feel dumb watching it with him. Amazing how he can remember so much useless information but can't remember what I told him 5 minutes before.

Other shows worth mentioning:

Clean House. I love Niecy Nash. I think we'd be friends if we knew each other. Plus, I'm nosy and like to see how other people live.

Jon and Kate plus 8. Kate can be such a bitch and doesn't care what people think. You gotta love that. Poor Jon.

Yo Gabba Gabba. It's like a modern version of Sesame Street. You have no choice but to dance when it's on.

Rob and Big. Scripted but funny none the less.

Speaking of TV, everywhere I've lived there has been that one local commercial that everyone knows that has become sort of a local legend. In DC it's Easterns Motors. This is by far the best of any I've seen. Check a couple of them out here:

You're gonna be singing that song all day. I promise.


-I have successfully stuck to the meal plan for the entire week. I'm planning out and shopping for next week when LT goes to bed. It has really made it easier not to have to think about food. There's so much more time for the internet now.

-Ryan still hasn't had a day off (I think it's been 37 days straight). I feel really bad for him but I know there isn't much I can do but make his time at home stress free. That's not too easy either since I'm a bit of a drama queen and can overreact easily. And I need a lot of attention, hence this blog.

Gotta go now. LT, is pulling on my leg which probably means I've ignored him for too long today.

P.S. Hello to all my BabyCenter friends. Glad to see you stopped by! The momma drama is off the charts over there right now and I love it. You ladies are making me neglect my kiddo! Good thing he's good at entertaining himself.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I know. I'm a nerd.

Surprisingly, I've found one of the hard things about being a mom is feeding my boy. I don't mean actually feeding him, I mean planning and preparing the meals. Two things that are really working against me are that 1. I want him to eat a well balanced diet and 2. he only has 6 teeth, so menu options are limited. Plus, I want to to all this on a budget. On a good week, I like to have some sort of plan for what we will eat that week. If nothing else, at least ideas for dinner. I've found myself in a rut. We have no variety. I find a good meal that LT likes and I stick with it. I can tell he's really getting sick of it. Sometimes he looks at me like "Oh....Again?"

Last night a rare moment occurred. Think of it like an eclipse. Everything has to line up just right. I actually had time to myself, enough energy to think, and an itch to get organized. So what else is there to do but come up with a system to solve my feeding woes. I took colored squares of paper and wrote down as many breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas I could think of. Things I knew he could eat and that Ryan and I would enjoy too. I wrote all the breakfast ideas on red squares, lunch on yellow, dinner on green and snacks on blue. I put the days of the week on dark blue across the top then I just dealt them out. I could easily change things around to take into account leftovers or things that can be carried over to make other meals. Like leftover roasted chicken could be used for chicken salad sandwiches for lunch the next day.

Then I made a grocery list based on the menu. I think I'll even make permanent cards with the recipes on the back so when I make my grocery list all I have to do is look on the back of the card to see what ingredients I need to buy. I figure this way I only have to grocery shop once a week and I know we have enough food 'cause it's all planned out.

Next, I stacked the cards in the order we would eat them so I just have to remove them as we have that meal and the next meal is right there on top. Genius.

Ryan made fun of me. He said it was like Richard Simmons's Deal a Meal.

Of course, we all know I can't stick to anything for very long. Remember the book club? And I've been knitting LT a blanket since before I even knew he was a boy. Chances are I won't make it through the week. But hey, my optimism is as strong as my inability to see things through. Keep your fingers crossed.

I almost forgot the best part. I had groceries delivered and I felt like I was back in New York. We lived on the fifth floor of a walk up in Manhattan and grocery shopping was a nightmare. You could only buy what you could haul up the steps which wasn't much. Especially when I was pregnant. It was hard enough carrying myself up those damn steps, all 61 of them. When we weren't ordering in or eating out I relied on the wonderful services of Fresh Direct, an online grocery store. They delivered all the food in cardboard boxes so thank you Fresh Direct, you also helped me move.

I discovered Peapod, the DC version of Fresh Direct and I think I'm in love. Now I'm back to my online grocery shopping self. It's heaven really, especially to a coupon user like myself. It's almost impossible to grocery shop with a baby much less try to use coupons when you do. I actually feel like I'm getting a better deal now because I have time to compare prices and shuffle through all my coupons. The only down side is they deliver their groceries in like a million plastic bags. Bags I don't want. I guess it's give and take.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We're trying to wean LT off the binky and so far I've caught him sucking on the heel of one of my high heels and the corner of a table. I think we've created a monster.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It stopped raining just long enough for us to escape for about 30 minutes today. My sweet boy discovered the simple joy of a rain puddle. Quite by accident too. We were walking along when he stepped into one and realized how cool it was to make a splash. He's been stomping around the house since Thursday's story time at the library where they learned a song and dance about stomping. He finally got an opportunity to put all that practicing to good use on that puddle. As he was stomping I was kicking myself for not having my camera (yet again). Note to self: When you have an incredibly adorable child, always have your camera because every moment is a photo op.

While we were out we crossed paths with the squirrel whisperer. This very nice man had squirrels coming up to him and eating out of his hand. He even had his own little squirrel language and knew each squirrel by markings and personality. He even knew where each of them lived. I hope we run into him again.

A little history about squirrels in DC. When I moved here I noticed all these black squirrels. I had never seen a black squirrel and now I was seeing more black ones than regular gray and brown ones. Apparently, Canada gave DC 18 black squirrels in 1906 which were released around the National Zoo. Fast forward 100 years, black squirrels everywhere. They're really cute and friendly too. If I can ever remember to take my camera with me I'll take a picture of one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


is LTs favorite toy. A fucking stick.

Not this.....

or this......

or this.

Lesson learned. Money saved.

I've got a bottle of wine and a box of hair dye. What more can a woman ask for?

Well, things have been pretty boring around here lately. It rained for 2 whole days straight and both LT and I were a bit stir crazy. We finally got out today. It was just to go to the grocery store but hey, it was out.

In celebration of Earth Day I bought 3 eco-friendly light bulbs. They were buy 1 get 2 free plus I had a $1 off coupon of course. I always have a coupon. I also got another reusable grocery bag and was looking for some water bottles but no luck. I feel pretty good about my contribution today. Oh, and to top it off I donated a buck to children's cancer research and won a bottle of lime juice. How 'bout that!? I forgot the best part. I found $10 on the ground. Woo hoo!! I don't know why but this made me feel guilty. I felt like I stole it. I looked around and no one was near so I pocketed it and scooted out of there like my panties were on fire.

Some other random stuff:

My lovely hubby was mentioned on the radio this morning. It was a radio show that I actually listen to. Elliot in the morning on DC 101. His restaurant catered their breakfast and he got to meet Elliot and the crew. I listen to his show every morning. He's pretty funny. Plus, LT dances everyday to the song that he plays out with. Babies dancing is hilarious. Or is it babies dancing are hilarious? Grammar is not my strong suit. So don't make fun of me when you see an error. Especially in this post. I told you I have a bottle of wine (well, a half bottle now).

Hubby (RT) was also on the news about a week ago and no, it wasn't for a crime. He was cooking. Matzo ball soup. Funny thing is he has never made matzo ball soup. His restaurant was having a Passover dinner and he went to represent. He winged it well. Things are working out for him at his new job. He also had a photo shoot for a local magazine and the Washington Post is coming in to review his food. I think I may be married to a celebrity. I've barely seen him in the last 2 weeks but it's all in the name of Robin staying home with LT so I am not allowed to complain.

LT is teething....again.

Our car will be payed off with the next payment. I'm so proud of this. It's the first car that I have owned that I payed off completely by myself. You don't have to say it. I know I'm spoiled. Thank you mom for all the others!

I'm planning a trip to New Orleans to see family and Houston for an old friend's wedding. I haven't seen her in almost 10 years and I can't wait to get there. Now I just need to lose 20 pounds. I don't think this is possible when I can eat a half a bag of cookies in one night.

I had 125 photos selected to download to Shutterfly when LT pressed the power button on the computer. I lost them all. I wanted to throw him out of the window but I'm pretty sure that would constitute as child abuse.

I'm not into movies but Baby Mama looks hysterical.

Ta, ta for now. Off to dye my hair.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear Mr. Sprinkles,

You have been a good friend. You were lovingly selected from a giant bin of stuffed animals to be Lane's little buddy. I remember searching through all the lovies trying to find the perfect lifelong friend for our boy. A lot of thought was put into your selection. I'm not sure what you did to deserve the harsh treatment you have received. You are always quietly waiting. Waiting for a hug or a snuggle. You are always there in the dark of the night to keep Lane company. Sure, Myrtle the Turtle and Flemming the Bear have their fun out in the living room. They get tossed around, used as pillows, and taken for rides in the Tonka truck, but all the cuddles and love were saved for you. For months you have been the #1 stuffed animal. You were the only one allowed to sleep in the crib with LT.

I don't know what to tell you. I don't know why in the middle of the night he wakes up from a dead sleep only to hurl you as far away from the crib as possible. All I can say is I'll bring you out every now and then to see if you have been forgiven. Until then I will keep you safe. Rest easy, Mr. Sprinkles. You are loved.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Early Earth Day

Everywhere I look people are talking about being green. I guess it's the new black. I'm an Earth lover so I do what I can to help our Mother out. All this talk of being green got me thinking of all the ways I'm not green (would that be called brown?) and what I can do about it.

1. I'm a water waster. I take looooooong baths, sometimes filling up the tub, letting it drain, filling it again, then standing up and taking a shower. I know, I must be on the water police's most wanted list. I just love the sound of water running. I lay in the tub and let it run the whole time. I know that I can do without all this soaking but I CAN'T give it up. The tub is my sanctuary. I will, however, reduce the number of baths I take per week. Baby steps.

2. Although I use cloth diapers, I still use disposable wipes. I don't really know why I do this. This one is easy to correct. Last night I cut up some of Lane's old flannel receiving blankets and mixed together a homemade solution to soak them in. I'm researching other natural solutions, so once I get my recipe perfected, I'll share it with you. I'll just toss them into the wash with the diapers. No brainer. Plus, I have a bone to pick with Pampers. I'll tell you all about it in a later post.

3. I use paper towels like they are going out of style. I have cut down lately, letting them dry and reuse them if I just wiped my clean hands on them and using wash cloths to clean Lane after meals, but I still use tons of them in the kitchen. My pledge: only use one roll per week. I think that's an attainable goal.

4. Chemical-laden cleaners. For a while I was a big fan of Clorox, Lysol, and Windex wipes. I think being a new mom was a shock to my system and I was looking for anything to make life easier. These are certainly easy to use but not easy on my pocket book or the environment. I haven't purchased cleaners of any kind in months and am switching to strictly baking soda and vinegar once they are all gone.

5. I have a subscription to the Sunday paper. I know it's only once a week but honestly, I only get it for the coupons and I rarely read the rest of it. My pledge: reuse it for wrapping paper, cleaning windows and mirrors, lining the floor when Lane eats, and recycle what I don't reuse.

Now, I feel like I'm being a bit hard on myself so here are some things I already do that's worth a pat on the back:

1. Walk everywhere. We only have one car and I drive it maybe twice a month.

2. Pay bills online.

3. Try to consume less by making due with what I have. Plus, I shop at thrift stores. The less I buy new, the less that has to be produced.

4. Don't turn the lights on during the day.

5. Recycle everything possible.

You know, most of these things not only keep the Earth green but they are very economical as well, which works out for me because I have no plans on getting a paying job anytime soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday, we wandered. Lane led the way.

This little guy kept looking right at me.

I love Spring.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oy Vey!

The realization that my child is a boy is really getting to me. And one day he's going to grow up. I'm living it and I still can't picture it. I can't imagine having a 6 year old who loves bugs and dirt or a 14 year old who gets in a fist fight over a girl (little slut). I don't see a teenager wanting to drive and stay out all night. And I certainly can't see him moving out or getting married. All I can see is my little baby. I'm dreading the first argument we have when he tells me he hates me. Or worse yet, what if he runs away? Or winds up on drugs? How did our parents do it? I need a valium.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Determined to fly a kite yesterday, we headed to our expensive, neighborhood toy store. The place was packed, full of kids playing with never before seen toys and parents trying to keep their kids from wanting to buy every single overpriced toy in the place.

I learned two things yesterday.

First, my child is a boy. Sometimes I really forget this. Trying to speed things along I picked out two kites with the intention of Ryan confirming one of the choices and we would check out and be on our merry, kite-flying way. One kite had two adorable penguins standing in front of a beautiful rainbow. That's the one I really wanted. Cute, right? The runner up was a quirky little tree frog. I showed them to Ryan, asking him to pick one. He laughed. He hated both of them, saying they were too girly and picked out this one.

A freakin' shark. Are you kidding me? It was the ugliest one there. I really have no concept of what boys like.

Second thing I learned is that my child is a bully. He would walk up to every kid and snatch whatever they had in their hands and either run off with it or just throw it on the floor. I really need to socialize him but HOW? I try to talk to him about it but he just looks at me and shrieks. We go to story time at the library and to the playground to be around other kids but he just doesn't get it. Well, he's a work in progress. You always screw up the first one anyway, right?

After all of this we still haven't flown the stupid kite. It's been raining. Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Can't Think of a Witty Title

The in-laws are gone and I have recovered. It took a few days. Not that my in-laws are bad people. I really like them. Very nice, normal mid western folks. Salt of the Earth type people. I got lucky in the in-law department. Not pushy or too involved. They keep their distance but pop in just enough to let us know they care. Couldn't ask for more.

We did all the touristy things while they were here and I must say that this is a beautiful place to live, even if it is just as expensive as Manhattan. It was opening weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival and for the first time I was able to see all the trees in full bloom. Absolutely beautiful. And of course, not one picture was taken.

It was also National Kite Flying Day and the day was perfect for it. I really want to fly a kite. I haven't done it since I was a bitty girl and it looks like sooo much fun. Look at all the kites. Doesn't it look like fun? Look closely and you can see the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

We really did have a fabulous day and I'm trying to convince Ryan we should go back today and have a picnic out there. He goes to work at his new job on Monday so I want to get as much in as possible before then.

The only glitch in an otherwise perfect day was I almost had a heart attack at the Lincoln Memorial. As you can see from the pictures, lots of people were out that day and they all decided to visit Ol' Abe at the same time. This is also when my genius husband decided that Lane needed to get out and stretch his legs. He took him from the safety of the stroller and let him walk all around the crowed memorial. I know he was watching him like a hawk but I kept panicking and thinking that someone could snatch him up at any second and disappear into the crowd. I'm still having nightmares about it.

We also saw the Vietnam Wall, and the Korean War Memorial. It was pretty emotional. I am not a war supporter, I'm a lover not a fighter, but I do not blame the soldiers. Especially the Vietnam War soldiers. Many of these men (boys) didn't have a choice. They bravely manned up to defend our country and too many died for it. Very sad. It makes me proud and patriotic to see our country memorialize them.

Vietnam Wall

Korean War Memorial

Other stops along the way included:

Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument


Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

White House (and the in-laws)

Once they were all gone, I decided I needed to catch up on laundry. I must have done someone wrong because the world was against me and my laundry. There I was, determined to get all 9 loads done when a strange man comes running into the basement laundry room screaming "I have a major water leak! It hasn't affected you yet but I'm looking for the resident manager to shut the water off!" Ok, whatever, I thought. Two minutes later, Niagara Friggin' Falls. Water crashed a hole through the ceiling and was flooding the basement. Fortunately, the laundry room was spared. However, we have those front loader machines that lock once you start them so your clothes are held hostage until the cycle is finished. So, I left them.

Forty-five minutes later I go to the basement to check things out and see if I could rescue my clothes from the machines and you would have thought the building was under attack. The fire department was here, the water and power was shut off and the resident manager was running around like it this was the defining moment of his career. You can tell he was putting all of his training into play - surveying damage, making out of order signs, notifying residents of the problem. I ask him if it's ok if I get my clothes out of the machines. The power was out but he had a flashlight the size of a crayon he let me use. I'm thinking I can just quickly unload the machines and go on my merry little way. Nope. The power was shut off in the middle of the wash cycle so the clothes were sitting in filthy water. I had to wring out each piece, the whole time trying to keep an eye on Lane and direct the tiny beam of light in the right direction. That's not the worst part. One of the loads was diapers. Yep, dirty diapers soaking in pee water. I had to wring each one out and haul all 50 pounds of wet laundry upstairs. And guess what? Since the water was turned off I COULDN'T WASH MY HANDS!!! I really wanted to die. Thank God Ryan was at the grocery store and he bought a couple of gallons of water so I was able to wash up as soon as he got home. Damn diapers!

Apparently, someone is moving into one of the apartments on the first floor and was doing a little remodeling in the kitchen. The plumbers hit a water pipe and that's what caused the pandemonium. Rumor has it that the person moving in is a mommy with a little girl about the same age as Lane. Yay!!! Maybe a friend for both of us.

Ok, I'm off to fly a kite.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The in-laws are in town so I don't have too much time to write. We've been busy being tourists in our own city. Good times. As soon as I have more time I'll give you all something interesting to read. In-laws make great subject matter.

Monday, March 24, 2008

We Eat Way Too Much Canned Food in This House

Here's our first project with the construction paper the Easter Bunny left for me Lane. Tin can stackers. He played with these for a good 15 minutes this morning. That's about 3 years in baby time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter part II

Overcome with the thought I hadn't done enough for Easter, I made Lane a bunny t-shirt last night at midnight. The thought of him not having an Easter outfit was too much for me to bear. I whipped this up in only a few minutes and I love it so much I plan on making one for each holiday and maybe some for just regular days too.

I started with this candy dish:

which I traced to make this pattern:

Then I cut the felt and sewed it onto an old onsie, added a cotton tail and a button eye. Pretty cute, huh?

P.S. The stuffed bunny was a hit. He's been carrying it with him everywhere today.