Monday, June 30, 2008


-I used disposable diapers while on vacation and have yet to go back to cloth since I've been home. I'm dreading washing those stinkin' things.

-I bought a bottle of Lysol kitchen cleaner and I think my kitchen is cleaner than it's been in months.

-I use the TV to babysit my kid.

-I've been taking naps with Lane.

I feel much better now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Vacation Post

I've been going over in my head just how this post should be organized but since nothing about my trip down south could be called organized it's fitting that this be a random mess of a post. Bare with me. I'm still recovering from all the mayhem.

First of all, let me get this out of the way. Lane is awesome. He was so good on the plane and in the million hour car ride to and from Houston that at times I forgot he was with me. I also want to apologize in advance to my family. Some things may be said that you would rather not be publicized but it's all in the name of entertainment. Get over it.

Some highlights from our trip:

-A long standing family feud, one so bad it actually involved one family member throwing underwear at another, has been put to rest.

-The funniest thing I've ever heard: Maw Maw (age 81) and her sister (age 79) went to a party where they struck up a conversation with a new friend. Maw Maw's sister asked how old do you think I am? Even at almost 80, looks are extremely important to my dear aunt. The lady replied, "About 72.". My aunt ate it up. Can you imagine being flattered that someone thinks you're 72? We'll all be there one day, ladies.

-My grandma's favorite saying "If God says the same." For example, "We'll make this trip again if God says the same.", "If God says the same, I'll be able to see their faces again." God sure had a lot to say on this trip.

-You could not pay me enough to go back to the Galleria. After lugging my 30 pound baby plus my 15 pound diaper bag around the entire Galleria TWICE trying to find a place to rent a stroller only to find one who demanded a $60 deposit, I have had my fill of the place. Never again!!! That journey ended in me saying, "I'm going to the car. Find an exit and I'll pick you up when you're ready!". Oh, fun times.

-After staying in a hotel room with 3 babies and one 81 year old, I know why investigative reports always find urine and feces throughout the rooms. We definitely left our share.

-My high school friend was beautiful at her wedding. She looks exactly the same, in a good way.

-I am a control freak.

-My mother's new nickname is "The Stealth Cleaner". You turn around for one second and the whole place is clean, mopped and all. She has yet to share the secret of how she does this with me.

-My poor baby suffered a few injuries on this trip including ripping his knee open on a carpet tack strip and running head first into the corner of a table. I also looked up from shopping to find him drinking a cup of coffee he found on a shelf in Walmart. That one made me throw up a little.

-My three year old niece's favorite word is "Why?". I swear I heard this 2,458 times while I was there. Now that I'm home, I sort of miss it.

-Upon returning home I realized that men and women do not mean the same thing when they say "I cleaned up". Let's just say some things had to be thrown away and some things will never smell the same.

I'm Back!!

Boy, I missed you guys! I have lots to talk about but for now I'm just announcing my return. Stay tuned for vacation details. There's so much to talk about that I have to wait for the little one to take a nap to write it all out. See you soon.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

See ya!

I know I haven't been around too much lately but life is not handing me much to talk about. Fortunately, I'm heading down south to visit the family so I'm sure I'll come back with a story or two to share. My family is a constant flow of humor and insanity. We are the definition of dysfunction.

Maw Maw being the ring leader of the gang. Seven of us, including 3 kids under 3, are loading up in a van and driving 6 hours from New Orleans to Houston. Take this as a warning to stay far away from I-10. Maw Maw called me the other day extremely concerned that there would be no refrigerator in the hotel room we are staying in. I answer the phone to hear her mid-sentence "The babies need cereal in the morning! Robin, do they have a refrigerator? We need to at least have cereal."

So, wish me luck on my trip down there. Ryan is smart enough to stay home so I'm trekking alone with Lane. I'm beginning to panic. I've flown many times with him and each time gets harder and harder. That kid is strong and heavy and a professional wiggler. He's also been practicing his temper tantrums, waiting for the perfect audience to perform his show. I'm praying there is an extra seat on the plane I can park him in and strap him down. Of course I didn't buy him his own ticket. We've discussed this before - I'm cheap.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A bunch of words about nothing really

I have nothing to write about today. I guess I'll just start and see what comes out. Sometimes I surprise myself.

We went to a playground we've only been to a couple of times yesterday. It was packed. I felt like I was the only one supervising my kid. Lane had a great time exploring all the new toys. I was able to sit on a bench and watch him from afar and it made me want to cry. He's getting so big and really doesn't need me following him around anymore. I did notice every couple of minutes he would look up from playing to see if I was still sitting there. I guess he does need me a little.

I still haven't heard from pampers. I know I should drop it but I'm way too stubborn. I feel like all these big corporations get to do whatever the hell they want and walk all over their customers. It really pisses me off.

Speaking of pissed off, I have a list of companies that I will never do business with for various reasons. I guess I'll share.

1. AT&T. I had an account with them years ago. When I moved it was out of state so I couldn't just transfer my service. I needed to get a whole new account. My old account had a 25 cent credit on it. They wouldn't credit it to my new account and since it was such a small amount they wouldn't send me a check for it. So every month I would get a statement showing this 25 cent credit. What a waste of paper and postage. I guess they lost track of me eventually because the statements finally stopped coming.

2. Verizon. When I lived in NYC I worked across the street from a Verizon office. Without fail, every single Verizon truck always had a parking ticket on it. Many times I saw the driver just take the ticket off and throw it on the ground. You know they never paid them and I'm sure if they did they passed the bill on to their customers in some way. So irresponsible.

3. Traveler's Insurance. I was in a horrible accident 9 years ago. I was rear ended and got whiplash and 2 herniated disks in my neck. Every year the pain gets worse and worse. The driver of the car that hit me had Traveler's. I was negotiating with them for a settlement and in the middle of it they sent me a letter from their lawyers saying that the statute of limitations for a settlement had passed and they would no longer negotiate with me. So I didn't get a cent from them except for the ER visit. I'm now stuck with paying for any doctor's bills I've incurred due to the accident.

4. American Express. I opened a new card with them and transfered a balance from another card to get 0% interest that they were offering. They said they never received my very first payment and raised my interest rate to 27%. Funny how I mailed a stack of other bills with that one and it was the only one lost in the mail.

5. Exxon. My car was leaking oil and I took it to Exxon to see what the problem was. They said the car obviously hit something and I had a cracked oil pan and it would cost $650 to replace. I filed a claim with my insurance company and asked Exxon if they would deal with the insurance company. They said they would but insurance companies never pay the full amount and they would have to bill me for the rest. Yeah, right. I took it somewhere else. In the end I actually had a cracked oil pan, cracked transmission pan and a broken bolt on the engine. All this costs $800 to fix. I find it hard to believe that all that was only $150 more than just the oil pan. No wonder they just reported a $40 billion profit. Easy to do when you're riping people off.

I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting now but this post is getting too long. That's one thing I hate about reading other people's blogs. They get too wordy.