Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally, I'm feeling a little bit like my old self again. I'm about 75% there. I can't believe I forgot how bad morning sickness can be. Well, I didn't really forget but I somehow convinced myself it wouldn't be as bad this time around. Ha! I'm not religious but I found myself praying out loud every night that I would wake up feeling better. In my delirious state I vaguely remember some bargaining with God going on too. I may have even offered to baptize my kids. Hmm, maybe I should uphold my end of that deal for good measure.

Tonight I was feeling so good I was even able to cook myself dinner for the first time in three weeks. Sweet and sour chicken stir fry. Yum. I ate two huge bowls then polished off half a box of crunch berry cereal. I'm thrilled to have my appetite back.

Now, if I could only get Lane to eat. We ended up in the ER a few days ago because he couldn't stop throwing up and I couldn't get his fever down. He was diagnosed with a nasty stomach virus, re hydrated, given Tylenol (which actually raised his temperature), given Motrin (which lowered it) and sent home with instructions for his mom (that would be me) to be aggressive with pushing fluids. That part proved fairly easy as he is a drinker, which makes me worry about his college years, but that's a different post. Since then he's only eaten a few crackers and a bite or two of pasta. The doctor told me not to worry about the food, he'll eat when he's ready, but I can't help but worry. How can one go three days on four crackers?

I'm beginning to think he's on a hunger strike to prove a point. Maybe he's protesting my choice of lounge pants and t shirts as standard attire for the last few weeks? Maybe he's tired of me telling him to go color a picture while I lay on the sofa? Maybe he's sick of his only outings lately being trips to the grocery store? Eh, who knows? He's probably just afraid to throw up again. Poor fella.

Check out my celebrity hubby

Ryan's picture is popping up on all the trashy tabloid sites! Who knew I was married to such a celebrity?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Today you turn two. I can't believe how time has flown. You are the sweetest, smartest, most handsome little guy I know and I am thrilled to be your mother. Every day you amaze me with how much you know and how caring you are. You always seem to know when I need a hug or for you to make me smile. I never thought I'd be the mom of such and incredible and sensitive little boy.

I am savoring these last months that it is just you and I. Soon you will be a big brother and no longer my only baby. I will miss these days.

Enjoy your special day, son! I love you more than you can fathom. You are my world.

Friday, January 16, 2009

1st ultrasound

Look at my little bean. Isn't he/she the cutest blob you've ever seen?

I'm starting to feel a little better although most of my day is still spent on the sofa. It's been bone chillin' cold out so I don't really mind staying in. This pregnancy has gone pretty routine so far except since I'm considered "old" I've been given the option to see a genetic counselor for some testing. I had a simple Downs Syndrome test done when I was pregnant with Lane so I'm opting for that one again. Nixing all the others.

There is a strange smell in my apartment and I can't seem to find the source. I've searched high and low to no avail. Ryan doesn't smell it and I'm sure it's my bloodhound nose playing tricks on me. I just can't stand it so I'm sitting here with the window open and the heater on.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I got a new camera!

Feeling pretty pregnant now. I'm sick most of the day and haven't left the sofa for a week. Here's what it looks like:

Notice I can't even get up to dress my kid.

Lane has been watching way too much tv and I feel so guilty I even cried about it yesterday. You can see in the picture that he can't even look away long enough to smile for the camera.

I've been letting him take his Thomas and Friends tub toys to bed with him. Oh how he loves them. He kisses them and takes them for rides in his wagon. The other night I snuck in to check on him and this is what I found:

He had them lined up on his pillow. Then last night, this is what I found:

They were lined up at the foot of his bed. Kind of creepy but oh so cute.

And I'm sure I'll regret this but here's a belly shot:

I'm two months along now and look as big as I did at 4 months with Lane. I started that pregnancy out with a tiny waist though and this one, well, there's nothing on me you can consider tiny.