Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Smells I used to love but now make me sick:

Baby powder

Dove soap

Baby wipes

Pantene shampoo

Suave deodorant

Downy dryer sheets

Smells I used to be able to tolerate but now send me running from the room:


Cat food




Any food that has been out for more than 10 minutes

Any trash in a trash can for more than a day

What exactly is the benefit of this pregnancy symptom? I've heard that cravings and nausea serve as a way to steer you in the direction of foods your body needs. Sore breasts are a side effect of expanding milk glands. Headaches can be a clue to blood pressure issues. I have yet to figure out why we have an increased sense of smell. I think it's one of those medical mysteries like the appendix or the pinkie toe. Sure, there are theories about their existence but does anyone really know for certain? Someone solve this for me. I'm running out of choices for hygiene products.